Ernest Zarzuela ︎

My name is Ernest Zarzuela (he/him).
I am a Filipino-Canadian multidisciplinary designer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba; Treaty 1 Territory.

My work and practice has taken form, both physically and digitally, through illustration, visual identity, 
typography and editorial design and have been exploring through motion graphics, 3D and web.

I am perpetually finding ways to center sincerity and delicateness in design.


SOA BFA Virtual show 2021
Collecting Comfort
How To Achieve Comfort
“Delicate” Publication
Illustrations and misc.

Collecting Comfort

COLLECTING COMFORT: INTROSPECTION THROUGH INSTRUCTION was initially my attempt to “prove” and measure the notion of comfort through the arbitrariness of habit and patterns. At the core of the project is my personal introspection of comfort that I find in following instructions and knowing the conclusion.

Its genesis stems from the desire and curiosity of how of-being and comfort appears in recurrence. I was curious if I can prove that this was true outside my perception, or at least, able to do the same for others.
I created set list of instructions that were
distributed to people close to me.

There was an initial attitude of treating the data in a much more analytical and “scientific” approach and treated comfort as if it is a tangible unit of measurement, similar how there is a scale of unit for pain, heat, luminosity, etc.
the data collected were generative and behavioural in nature, often reflecting or describing a fragment of a space or place. the notion of allowing for comfort to be generated was creating temporary space of comfort itself through the process of doing the set list instructions.

The circles were inspired by some of the generated visual data from an early set list and iteration of what this publication was trying to be.

The circles are means to convey comfort in the vain of trying to translate and manifest it into something physical and palpable but it is less of treating it as a number but more of fragments that can be pieced together and assembled in a rhizomatic fashion.

This publication is an attempt to compress and to visually translate this collection of self-generated, self-containing data of comfort.