Ernest Zarzuela ︎

My name is Ernest Zarzuela (he/him).
I am a Filipino-Canadian multidisciplinary designer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba; Treaty 1 Territory.

My work and practice has taken form, both physically and digitally, through illustration, visual identity, 
typography and editorial design and have been exploring through motion graphics, 3D and web.

I am perpetually finding ways to center sincerity and delicateness in design.


SOA BFA Virtual show 2021
Collecting Comfort
How To Achieve Comfort
“Delicate” Publication
Illustrations and misc.

”Delicate” Publication

An exploration of the camaraderie of accumulated memory and sentiment through materiality and its evidence through the medium of paper making.

This was a project from a material studio class from which the goal was to incorporate handmade paper in the final product. When I was 20, I had a habit of collecting receipts anytime I would be out with people. This started with a then romantic relationship I was in and it divulged into any outside social endeavour I would be in for the next 3 years which led me having a shoe box full of receipts.

Some receipts still hold very clear image of the day when I got them, and some were as heavily faded. I wanted to utilize the transactional nature and the expandability of their form to capture the fleeting and fragility of memory and relationship. 

Two-thirds of the collection of receipts were mix with the paper pulp base and the rest were purposely integrated with the paper making process to show their original receipt form.