Ernest Zarzuela ︎

My name is Ernest Zarzuela (he/him).
I am a Filipino-Canadian multidisciplinary designer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba; Treaty 1 Territory.

My work and practice has taken form, both physically and digitally, through illustration, visual identity, 
typography and editorial design and have been exploring through motion graphics, 3D and web.

I am perpetually finding ways to center sincerity and delicateness in design.


SOA BFA Virtual show 2021
Collecting Comfort
How To Achieve Comfort
“Delicate” Publication
Illustrations and misc.

How To Achieve Comfort

How to Achieve Comfort initially was an attempt in trying to answer the question "why do I do the things I do" through data collection and surveillance.

In the span of 3 months I collected and documented data gathered from mundane everyday acts. These ranged from media I consumed, calorie intake, steps, time stamps of daily routine such as waking up and going to bed etc., in building up a body of source material to
cultivate and manifest a conclusion.

What happened instead was me losing grip with my self-worth and coming face-to-face with my complacency and how I have been labeling it as comfort. The revelation from seeing the patterns and repetition in my routine was pretty jarring to say the least making me question my self-worth both in my public and personal space, and the frustration with how nothing was falling into place made it worst. This booklet is a product of the amalgamation of coming to terms with my failure as a data designer, my self-worth, the trauma of having to perceived my existence and being convinced of how mundane it is, and my lack of confidence in my sincerity.

How To Achieve Comfort is a failure. Not in the vein of being self diminishing but as for its purpose. An attempt in being
retrospective that turned into self indulges.