Ernest Zarzuela ︎

My name is Ernest Zarzuela (he/him).
I am a Filipino-Canadian multidisciplinary designer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba; Treaty 1 Territory.

My work and practice has taken form, both physically and digitally, through illustration, visual identity, 
typography and editorial design and have been exploring through motion graphics, 3D and web.

I am perpetually finding ways to center sincerity and delicateness in design.


SOA BFA Virtual show 2021
Collecting Comfort
How To Achieve Comfort
“Delicate” Publication
Illustrations and misc.

SOA BFA Virtual Show - 2021

The School of Art caps its academic year with the annual BFA Graduating Exhibition. This is the first online version of the School of Art’s BFA Exhibition— a tradition at the SoA since 2012 —and the online home for future BFA Exhibitions.

My responsibility in the development of the site included developing an identity that reflects and encapsulate the unconventionality and uniqueness of the school year during the pandemic, creating graphic elements and animations for interactions, assuring a visual consistency and quality is followed through the development and providing layout for the website.

The website can be accessed at